Incorporated associations transactions

Search incorporated associations register or purchase an extract

Search the Register for free to find an incorporated association. The public register provides information about the registration status of an association and the association's compliance with its annual financial reporting obligations. You can also purchase an incorporated association extract with a Mastercard or Visa. An extract provides an association's registration and address details as well as secretary details, which are useful to businesses and organisations entering into arrangements with incorporated associations.

Change incorporated association details

Secretaries can change the registered details of an incorporated association for no cost, including changing the Secretary. A 'User Identification and Passcode' is required - view the 'Apply for a User Identification and Passcode' section below.

Please note that a change of Secretary results in expiry of the User Identification and Passcode. The new Secretary will need to apply for a new User Identification and Passcode to undertake future transactions.

Apply for an extension of time

Secretaries can apply for an extension of time to hold an Annual General Meeting and submit an Annual return. A fee applies which can be paid by using an acceptable credit card or debit card, and a user identification and passcode is required. Only one online extension of time can be sought during the annual reporting period.

Apply for a User Identification and Passcode

Secretaries can apply for a User Identification and Passcode to authenticate online transactions. User Identification will be issued to the screen and the Passcodes issued by post to the address of the secretary.

Extract retrieval

Select the following link to retrieve previously purchased extracts.

Retrieve extracts

Victorian Names register

The Victorian Names register is a register of Victorian registered incorporated associations, co-operatives and limited partnerships. You can search the Victorian Names Register for free and can find out some information about a registered name. It will not tell you if a name can be registered.